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Mariame WANE LY Abdoulaye NDIAYE .


Titre de l'article

Killing the Black Body, Knitting Paternal Filiation, and Entwining Identity Construction in Between the World and Me (2015) by Ta Nehisi Coates


The callous condition of African Americans, from slavery to colorblind racism, in passing by segregation, prompted multifarious consequences. Beyond psychological trauma, slaves and their progenies had to contend with disembodiment, epitomized by the recurrence of police brutality. In his memoir, Between the World and Me, elaborated in the form of a letter to his son Samori, and published in 2015, Ta Nehisi Coates reflects on the legacy of the American tradition of subjugation and relegation. Subsequently, the present paper analyzes how Coates debunks those sociological notions and presents us with the unfiltered status of black Americans in the U.S. He mostly lays the emphasis on the plundering of the black body and the burden of black fatherhood. In a literary and intimate form, he urges his son not to annihilate the alienating predicament of his race amidst Dreamers who envision themselves as Whites and laud the so-called American exceptionalism.

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