Revue scientifique de littérature, des langues et des sciences sociales


Pédi ANAWI Essobiyou, SIRO, Kemealo, ADOKI.


Titre de l'article


The purpose of this analysis is to disclose the psychological effects of faith and superstitious beliefs on interpersonal relationships and character development in Adzei’s novel. The analysis uses Freudian Psychoanalytic theory to explore ways in which beliefs and discourses affect and shape interpersonal relations in the novel. The results of the research reveal that the discourses and the belief systems of a people, enshrined in personal and collective experiences, are key markers in the expression and the becoming of their identity.

ISSN : 2411-6750
Editeur : UFHB
Périodicité : Semestriel
Domaines : Littérature, Lettres, Langues etc.